Lose Your GWCL – Misdemeanor Maybe

Can you lose your GWCL during its current term because of an incident NOT resulting in an arrest? (See earlier post for the code section, but here we deal with the possibilities.)
E. Not eligible for a GWCL includes: (E) Any person who is prohibited from possessing or shipping a firearm in interstate commerce pursuant to subsections (g) and (n) of 18 U.S.C. Section 922; – So what the heck is that?
That is a hodgepodge of folks, including felons, fugitives, etc that we’ve already covered, but add in:
Mental defectives. Illegal aliens. dishonorable military discharge. Someone subject to a domestic restraining order. Misdemeanant domestic conviction.
So again, no arrest occurred, but you could lose your GWCL if the Court becomes aware of any of these things.

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