Lose Your License With No Arrest? Maybe

Can you lose your GWCL during its current term because of an incident NOT resulting in an arrest? (See earlier post for the code section, but here we deal with the possibilities.)
G. Now the ambiguoius one. Your license can get revoked for violating known things like we have covered, but it does appear to allow the judge more leeway. “[T]he judge of the probate court of the county in which the license was issued shall learn or have brought to his or her attention in any manner any reasonable ground to believe the licensee is not eligible to retain the license…”

Now it does go on to list specific reasons why the judge would have that authority, and we have covered those. The code doesn’t say that those are the only reasons a judge can revoke your GWCL, but it is sort of implied. But judges get a lot of leeway. What if the judge just becomes aware that you aren’t a good GWCL type person? Could the judge revoke your license? Maybe.

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